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Texas Happy Hour

1 Watermelon [rind + seeds removed, roughly chopped]
2 inches Ginger Root [grated]
dash Cayenne Pepper [to taste]
Basil Leaves [garnish]

Blend everything but the basil in batches + combine in a large bowl or jar.

Refrigerate several hours, then serve as a soup in small bowls, garnished with basil.


Freeze in ice cube trays.  Serve a glass full of frozen watermelon soup cubes, a few basil leaves + top with a summery wheat beer.


Grilled Peaches


Grilled Stew


  1. SueVy

    You got to be kidding me!! This looks amazing

  2. I just made a watermelon mojito the other day! I am definitely on board with the watermelon in cocktails!

  3. jody

    OH! I thought they had a little kick to them. I might like one of these ice cubes mixed into a bloody mary someday…

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