Redmond Real Salt [Sea Salt, All Natural, Pouch w/Spout, 26 oz.]
This is my essential salt. I use it as my table salt + in cooking. It is completely natural, mined from an ancient sea’s salt deposit in Utah. Contains many trace minerals giving it a lovely pink tint + making it much healthier than the stripped-down-then-filled-with-additives salt most commonly used as table salt in the US.

Finishing Salts from The Meadow in Portland, OR. [Finishing Salt Starter Set – 6 Different Sea Salts From Around the World, 2 oz Jars]
A great introduction to finishing salts + their unique flavors.

French Grey Sea Salt [Sel Gris de l’Ile de Noirmoutier, French Sea Salt, Medium]
Incredible on vegetables + salads.  I can’t live without it on sauteed greens.

Smoked Sea Salt [Barrique Chardonnay Smoked Finishing Salt – Oak Smoked Sea Salt from France, Small]
A smoked salt adds a little something extra to dips, spreads and appetizers, as well as simply prepared vegetables.

An amazing deal on every salt you ever need. [Foundations Salt Set – Medium]
For $35, there is no reason not to have amazing salts for all your cooking needs. Speaking of need… I would love to stock my pantry with this! This is a must have!