I’d love for my devices to bring my friends more into my daily routines. I wish I saw people more often. Got to chat with them. Got to help them out with their everyday commitments. Got to cook and eat together.

Here’s some questions I’ve been asking and ideas I’ve had lately on how to strengthen my connection with others over food and to-do’s.

How might knowing and sharing about what we are cooking this week help us connect to our friends and other eaters we admire?

  • A social network built into a recipe and meal plan app. 

How might easy access to our food history help us maintain our family traditions?

  • A service that digitizes heirloom recipe cards.

How might an easier way to plan a party take the stress out of hosting or encourage more gatherings?

  • An alternative to group text messages that provides an easier way to plan a pot-luck or holiday meal.

I use shared Notes on my Apple devices to manage our weekly meal plan and shopping list with my husband and mother. I’d love to hear from anyone who is passionate about a digital solution they use.