1 Red Onion [medium, halved then sliced thinly]
1 Lemon
1 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt + Freshly Ground Black Pepper
1/2 lb linguine
1/2 tsp Oregano
5 Kale Leaves [curly green, large leaves, torn to bite size pieces, optional]

Saute red onion in olive oil over medium heat until softened, about 5 minutes, seasoned with salt. Juice lemon over top of red onion and continue to saute until the onion begins to caramelize. Meanwhile, boil pasta in salted water till al dente. If adding kale, add to onions about 4 minutes before pasta is ready. Add pasta directly to onion pan, then add oregano and a splash of pasta water to blend the flavors. Saute for 1 minutes more + serve, seasoned with salt + pepper.