Austin is fortune to have incredible produce and meat produced locally. Here are some of the great farms and ranches that I buy from:

Smith & Smith (

I’ve been buying eggs from Smith & Smith since the first week I lived in Austin in 2010. Colby recognizes me and my bright orange bag when I show up at the market. They raise the most delicious chicken I’ve ever had (not exaggerating, all it needs is salt and a grill). They also have excellent quality turkey, pork, lamb, and goat.

Johnson’s Backyard Garden (

We’ve been getting a JBG CSA box of veggies for years. I love it because it challenges me to eat lots of veggies each week and try new things. The also have awesome visual branding and an incredible digital experience to compliment their subscriptions. Their website allows CSA members to log on each week, see whats coming in their box, make substitutions, see how many weeks are left on their subscription, add more items to their box, and even postpone their box a week or two in case of vacation or your own garden harvests. JBG regularly hosts farm events to build a community around food and encourage visitors to check out the farm.

Grass Fed Beef

I buy beef less frequently these days so I get it from a variety of sources including at People’s Rx and Wheatsville:

Grass Fed Beef of Texas ( They’re at Farmer’s Market at Mueller on Sundays and kept me well fed during Ada’s pregnancy.

Betsy Ross Beef

Bastrop Cattle Company